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- Nice controls
- Shooters

- Boss

- No more Bugs/glitches

- New Character


How to Get All Medals on THE DAWN

2011-11-07 22:24:04 by NightDead

My birthday is coming and as a gift from me to you, I bring you this video tutorial.

watch this video only as a last resort.


(ONLY November)

How to Get All Medals on THE DAWN

Enjoy this dark and melancolic story completing the dead levels. A good way to celebrate Halloween.
Even the idea has been worked around a year, the game "LIMBO" helped me a lot to specify the ideas and finish the game.

The influences are obviously.

Have a creepy and happy Halloween!

Have a Happy Halloween with 'The Dawn'

From the Black Mountains

2011-08-30 01:32:48 by NightDead

Sometimes i want to touch the stars, taking a bite the clouds and rest in the wind, but you realize that is far away and you can only feel it in dreams. Perhaps once the body becomes dust will be when we are part of the wind and we cherish the scent of heaven.

Welcome to my "dead art"

From the Black Mountains